Brandi Rambling

Don’t You Know You Are A Superstar

My nephew, Gavin, is the coolest person I know.
Over his 7 years, he has changed alot but one thing remains the same – he is totally a ham!
This kid is 7 going on 27 and seriously is going to be bigger than Frank Sinatra.
Not only does he have the gift of entertainment, but he has a flare for the eccentric.
He already has a garage full of costumes that he wears proudly.

Gavin heard about poor Gilbert “grape” Gottfried getting fired from his AFLAC gig cause of his tasteless jokes and asked his mother to film his audition for the AFLAC duck. AOL started a contest that you submit your videos through YouTube. Being the great mom she is, they shut themselves in the bathroom and made the video on Candi’s iPhone.

Candi sent me the link last week and little Gavin did such a great job. I shutter to think how many hours were spent perfecting his duck voice. Gavin is bit compulsive.

So find out 2 days ago that not only did Gavin get chosen by AOL as the contestant with the MOST POTENTIAL (& CUTEST) but that he has caught quite the following on YouTube from his crowning. Up 24,000 hits in a week is awesome lil’ buddy!!!

check it here:


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